NH #165: Dr. Ian Fairlie on Soaring Child Leukemia Rates near Nuke Reactors

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Kids 5 & under living 3 miles from a nuclear reactor 37% more likely to get leukemia – Get angry Jon! #NuclearHotseat #newCNNshows #nonukes

— Libbe HaLevy (@NuclearHotseat) August 20, 2014

Dr. Ian Fairlie
Dr. Ian Fairlie

INTERVIEW:  Dr. Ian Fairlie discusses his recently released report compiling more than 60 studies on childhood leukemia rates for those living in proximity to nuclear power reactors.  His shocking findings show a 37% increase in leukemia cases in children 5 and under. Learn how the study came about, what it shows — and how we can use it in our fight to shut down all nuclear reactors.  Powerful information!  Here’s a LINK to the article:

NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  “Fukushima Supporter Chef” serves Fukushima-grown produce to guests at the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka – and brags about it!  (Anyone want to cash in their Hyatt stock?)


  • Japanese government accused of “crimes against humanity” in its refusal to evacuate children from Fukushima;
  • French nuclear safety group calls Fukushima “comparable to the most contaminated areas around the Chernobyl accident;”
  • DUCK!  Safety violations found at Waterford, Connecticut’s Millstone NPP while Turkey Point experiences reactor trip, steam dump and Miami gets gamma radiation spikes.  Coincidence?  (LOL!)
  • South Korea and Australia desperate to find storage for nuclear waste;
  • Nuke industry targets bank boards of directors to skew support for their future funding – long term planning by nuclear-funded think tanks.  Any financial wizards got a strategy to stop ’em?


  • Dianukes.org has a petition to scrap the Japan-india Nuclear Agreement, which was discussed with interviewee Kumar Sundaram on last week’s Nuclear Hotseat #164.  Sign it here.
  • Residents Organized for a Safe Environment and San Onofre Safety have prepared an extensive report on what can go wrong with dry cask storage – and it’s a lot!  A glimpse at the next generation of the battle against nuclear reactors.  Access the report here.
  • Banking article – How the Nuclear Industry is targetting bank boards to set up future funding consortia:http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/E-Banking-on-nuclear-1808201401.html