NH #158: San Onofre’s Latest Dangers w/Donna Gilmore

Image by 281_Antinuke
Image by 281_Antinuke

Scott Portzline
of TMI Alert, the Three Mile Island group based in Harrisburg, PA, on a new level of cyber-vulnerability in nuclear reactors and other energy generators, with a current attack that originates in Russia.  This is a story that has not yet made it into mainstream media.  Hear it here first!

Donna Gilmore
, one of the activists deeply involved in the actions that helped shut down the San Onofre nuclear reactors in southern California, now brings us up to speed on the latest set of dangerous possibilities at the site.  She focuses on the problems of storing high burn-up fuel in substandard dry casks — and minces no words about the problems created by the California Public Utilities Commission.  You thought all you had to do was shut them down?  Hah!


When is an “Unusual Event”
(aka Level One Warning of malfunction or potential accident) at a nuclear facility NOT an Unusual Event?  When it only happens for a really short time… and nobody notices!


  • WIPP radiation release numbers up for the first time since the Valentine’s Day Plutonium and Americium releases at the Carlsbad, NM facility;
  • International Fish Oil Standards Program now testing fish oil samples for radiation;
  • More than 50 Canadian and US communities oppose nuke waste dump half a mile from Lake Huron that Canada’s government is poised to approve:
  • Government-funded study in Japan shows Fukushima radiation release  into the Pacific Ocean exceeds Chernobyl’s total releases for land and water;
  • And if you’re flying to or from Japan, avoid hard candies and ice cream en route because both JAL and Thai Airways found to be serving sweets made in Fukushima from local ingredients.
JAL serves Fukushima candy for free on board flights to "support by eating."
JAL serves Fukushima candy for free on board flights to “support by eating.”