NH #156 – 3rd Anniversary + WIPP Update w/Don Hancock


Don Hancock, Executive Director of the Southwest Information and Research Center, brings us up to date with another insightful update on what’s happening at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site following the February 14, 2014 plutonium leak that shut the facility down.

AND – For Nuclear Hotseat’s third anniversary, Producer/Host Libbe HaLevy shares the fun of remembering how Nuclear Hotseat got started as a live conference call with only two callers, along with a mere smattering of her favorite outtakes.


The prime minister of Singapore, who met with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe-baby and summarily lifted the ban on Fukushima fruits and veggies.  No science, just a meeting.  What did Abe-baby promise you, good seats to the opening ceremony of the 2020 Radioactive Tokyo Olympics?


  • The number of Fukushima children’s thyroid cancer cases keeps increasing, with some having cancer metastisizing;
  • TEPCO admits that the ice wall around Fukushima’s reactors refuses to freeze;
  • Pacific Ocean continues ecological catastrophe as more species collapse;
  • Greenpeace releases study saying French renewables cheaper than nukes by 2019;
  • And Pakistan has more nuclear sense than the US when it comes to protecting its citizens from radiation.