First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while on the humanitarian aid Operation Tomodachi.  Information just released today by the legal team representing the USS Reagan sailors in their billion dollar lawsuit against TEPCO.

Military honors for the late Theodore A. Holcomb, formerly  of the USS Ronald Reagan and one of the sailors represented in the billion dollar lawsuit against TEPCO.

Laura and Giichi Inoue run Komoro Homestay, a program which sponsors Fukushima families with small children to come to the relative safety of the Komoro/Nagano region to alleviate the stress of their daily lives .   They provide educational materials and the chance to speak honestly about their fears and stresses – a rarity in Japan.  To contact Komoro Homestay, go to:

For those who wish to share practical radiation-related material with Komoro Homestay, send an email to: [email protected]


Canadian Nuclear “Safety” Commission has the gall to produce report saying that while the rest of the world’s radioactive materials may cause cancer, their s**t don’t stink and their radiation won’t hurt you… unless… well sometimes… maybe… but not very often… no, really (said Pinnochio as his nose grew longer…).


  • NRC needs to “duck and cover” as Sen. Barbara Boxer demands accountability and Sen. Ed Markey blows the lid off NRC reprisals against employees who stand up for safety;

Sen. Boxer On Fire re: Wild Fire Within 1/2 mile of San Onofre Nuke Plant – a video by Myla Reson

  • Vermont Yankee critics use laugh track on NRC and Entergy spokesmodels;
  • Radioactive groundwater spikes under Indian Point NPP;
  • TEPCO admits it hasn’t a clue what’s happening with the melted core or the water leaks at Fukushima;
  • Japan forgets to report on its hidden stash of 80-bombs-worth of weapons grade plutonium – OOPS!
  • Midwest activists unveil media campaign against new Fermi 3 nuke in Michigan:
Billboard campaign against proposed new Fermi 3 nuclear reactor in Michigan
Billboard campaign against proposed new Fermi 3 nuclear reactor in Michigan


Ace investigative reporter Susannah Frame reports on  workers denied medical care benefits after toxic exposure at the Hanford Site for KING 5 News in Seattle:

Contact information for Sister Megan Rice:
Metropolitan Detention Center
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY  11232

Contact information for Michael Walli, 92108-020
FCI McKeanFederal Correctional Institution
PO Box 8000
Bradford, PA  16701

Contact information for Gregory Boertje-Obed 08052-016
USP Leavenworth
PO Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS  66048