NH #154: WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance – Joe Mangano Shreds WHO’s Epidemiology + Never-been-heard Alison Katz Outakes

The second of two special encore presentations on the World Health Organization’s “Unholy Alliance” with the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Joseph Mangano of Radiation and Public Health Project (radiation.org) shreds the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) stranglehold on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ability to present honest information on radiation dangers to public health. A point-by-point analysis of IAEA’s flawed epidemiological mandate to WHO, based on the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s analysis. Core information on how the entire world has been tricked into believing radiation is no big deal.

Joseph Mangano with RPHP supporter Christie Brinkley

Joseph Mangano (r) with RPHP supporter Christie Brinkley (l)

Alison Katz of Independent WHO was featured in last week’s encore presentation.  Here, we provide never-been-heard outtakes from that interview where Alison talks about the geopolitics of the World Health Organization; the impact of the seven-year, five-day-a-week protest at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, by Independent WHO; and a major flaw in the epidemiology that allows the WHO to claim only 50 deaths resulting from Chernobyl.

Regular Nuclear Hotseat format resumes next week with #155, including a new Voices from Japan.