NH #153: Special Encore: WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance w/Independent WHO’s Alison Katz

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THIS IS A SPECIAL ENCORE PRESENTATION of Nuclear Hotseat, the first of two on the unholy alliance between the World Health Organization and the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency.   

 Alison Katz, today’s interviewee, is a sociologist and psychologist who worked inside the WHO for 18 years.   Now a leader within Independent WHO, which she will explain, Alison dissects the history, politics and manipulations of the United Nations agency we’re supposed to trust to safeguard the world’s health – especially in nuclear matters. This is a Nuclear Hotseat exclusive.


NEXT WEEK:  Joseph Mangano, Director of Radiation and Public Health Project (radiation.org), will go over the flawed epidemiology used by the WHO in its analysis of Chernobyl’s impact, based on the work of the late Dr. Rosalie Bertel.