NH #152: Voices from Japan: Idogawa, Horikiri and Oishinbo Controversy


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FEATURED:  Voices from Japan features former Futuba Mayor Idogawa, filmmaker Satomi Horiki, and an examination of the Oishinbo manga comic controversy over nosebleeds, radiation fatigue and government suppression of the medical facts.


A Kennedy and a Beatle?  Yep!  When they could get together and save the world. Imagine…

Ambassador Kennedy, in full hazmat at Fukushima

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, in full hazmat at Fukushima.


  • Fukushima Prefectural Government and Fukushima Medical University found to have signed secrecy pact with pro-nuclear IAEA;
  • Radiation keeps peaking over previous peaks at Fukushima, but TEPCO plans to just dump radwater into the Pacific starting next week;
  • California wildfires threaten San Onofre nuclear waste:

Southern California wildfire threatening San Onofre’s spent fuel pools; note the traffic jam of people trying to escape.

  • Thyroid cancer in Fukushima kids jumps 51.5% over February numbers;
  • Los Alamos is the definite source of WIPP underground explosion and radiation leak – more containers at risk at WIPP, at WCS in Texas, and at Los Alamos;
  • Ukraine stops armed gunmen from forcing their way into nuclear power plant;
  • Canada throws out preliminary approvals for two new nukes in Ontario;
  • CA Public Utilities Commission President Michael R. Peevey gets peeved and shouts/curses down honest question at SCE pork barrel evidentiary hearing;
  • …and much more!