NH #140: NM Radiation Leak Update w/Don Hancock, Dr. Catherine

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Nuclear Hotseat #140


  • Don Hancock of Southwest Research and Information Center (www.sric.org) again provides us with on-the-ground information of what’s really going on with the radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
  • Dr. Catherine Wind Euler of Mamabears Against Nukes (https://www.facebook.com/mamabears.againstnukes?fref=ts) goes over radiation basics as applies to the human body.
  • RadCast’s Mimi German weighs in on the EPA’s pesky air monitors – will they work? will they not work? and Why?!? www.RadCast.org
  • Chizu Hamada, a businesswoman originally from Japan, has been working to coordinate protest efforts around the world to mark the third anniversary of the start of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  She tells us about the website she created that lists all the known events taking place on and around March 11:  http://fukushimathirdanniversaryevents.blogspot.com  If your event isn’t listed, contact her through that site to have it added.

NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  Snow for the Odaiba Snow Festival trucked in to Tokyo… from Fukushima?  Oy! 


  • 84-year-old Sister Megan Rice gets 35 months in prison, asks the judge to sentence her to life in prison for her non-violent peace demonstration at the Y-12 nuclear facility;
The "damage" done by 84-year-old Sister Megan Rice at the Y-12 Nuclear Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
The “damage” done by 84-year-old Sister Megan Rice at the Y-12 Nuclear Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • Second safety official at Hanford fired after she spoke out for – wait for it! – safety!
  • Georgia’s planned new Vogtle reactors receive $6.5 billion in federal loan guarantees as President Obama pays off his top campaign fundraiser;
  • Fukushima Unit 4 cooling system stops for four hours, sirens sound the alarm;
  • High levels of cesium found in Fukushima reservoirs used for agriculture;
  • Ukraine rebels capture Rosnov Nuclear Power Plant… then don’t know what to do with it when truce is called.   Oy!
  • Radcast Radiation Weather Report with Mimi German.
  • …and much, much more!