NH #119: Joseph Mangano Shreds IAEA’s Straitjacket on WHO’s Radiation Reports

INTERVIEW:  Special feature interview with Joseph Mangano of Radiation and Public Health Project (www.radiation.org) on how the International Atomic Energy Agency’s straitjacketed and muzzled “epidemiology” makes it impossible for the World Health Organization to ever present honest information on the dangers of nuclear radiation.  Based on an analysis of the IAEA’s fatally flawed “science” by the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell.  Infuriating, jaw-dropping — and the underlying reason why the nuclear-industrial complex continues to get away with putting the future of all planetary life at risk. 


  • Activists rise up against NRC waste “confidence,” proposed nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron, and the EPA’s dramatically weakened radiation guides – the New (Gina) McCarthyism?
  • Japanese PM Shinzo Abe-Baby has ongoing “Mission Accomplished” complications from his “The situation is under control!” claims to the International Olympic Committee;
Japanese PM Shinzo "Pinnochio" Abe-Baby waxes poetic on how the leaks at Fukushima are "under control."
Japanese PM Shinzo “Pinnochio” Abe-Baby waxes poetic on how the leaks at Fukushima are “under control.”
  • And isn’t it odd that Russia, China and Korea are doing a better job of protecting their citizens than the US?


Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps in Toronto on Fukushima and proposed nuclear waste dump in Ontario, on the shore of Lake Huron:

Former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Gregory Jaczko in Japan speaking out on Fukushima dangers re: Spent Fuel Pool 4 at Japanese Foreign Correspondents Club.