NH #494: Nuclear Downwinders (That’s All of Us): Journalist/Playwright Mary Dickson

Nuclear Downwinders Update –
Map of U.S. areas hit by fallout from at least three of the 100 atmospheric bomb tests
done above ground in Nevada, showing that most of us are truly downwinders.
sed by permission of Richard Miller

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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Nuclear Downwinders – and that would be more of us than you might suspect.
    Mary Dickson
    is a Salt Lake City journalist and writer whose award-winning play, Exposed, puts a human face on the cost of nuclear testing. She has been recognized by the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility for her lifetime work on behalf of downwinders and regularly speaks out against the resumption of nuclear testing as well as her downwinder information talks.  We talk about the horrific price paid by those who were downwind of the atmospheric atomic bomb tests of the 1950’s and 60’s… and the ongoing legacy of those blasts.

  • Contact Mary Dickson:  [email protected] 

Nuclear Downwinder/Journalist/Playwright Mary Dickson

  • Nuclear Downwinder Map – An excellent explanation of the map (seen above) and what it means.  It includes implications for those who live at distance from the Nevada bomb blasts, but are neverthless at ongoing risk from the radiation it dispersed.


Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Exelon and Three Mile Island – While the energy company boo-hoos over lost revenue and being saddled with decommissioning the husk of a nuclear energy facility that they readily admits is worthless” (though radioactive), the corporation cuts a teeny tiny financial corner… and shuts down its warning sirens.  Really?  Really???  You strip out and suck up all the profits for all those years, and then cry poor mouth so you can remove that last line of defense should there be an accident, weather incident or terrorist attack that compromises safety?  Sheesh!


Info Links:

  • Nasa’s Plutonium Tour! – Learn where the most radioactive substance on work has been “touring” the US on the way to the next Mars rover launch.