NH #81: Nuke Year’s Resolutions from CAN’s Priscilla Star

INTERVIEW:  Priscilla Star, founder of the Coalition Against Nukes (CAN) shares her passion and vision for a women-led meeting with a White House superstar!


  • BIG STORY:  US Navy rescue workers sue TEPCO over radiation exposure while on Fukushima disaster relief.
  • ANOTHER BIG STORY:  NRC smacks SCE upside the head over San Onofre “restart” plans, demands tougher info, may actually have started to “Protect People and the Environment.”
  • NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK: Japan’s Prime Minister Abe for announcing that his government will endorse the building of new nuclear reactors in Japan; he is out of his mind.
  • Tokyo residents report thyroid cysts and nodules.
  • Quebec’s Gentilly 2 NPP decommissioned!
  • “Three Mile Island,” the musical, wins international Music Theatre NOW award.


  • Christina Consuelo’s video on the US Navy’s negligence towards sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan regarding their radiation exposure.  Shocking video!