NH #304: San Onofre Radwaste Insanity vs. Google Earth: Ray Lutz, Gary Headrick + The Trauma of Fukushima Kids

This Week’s Featured Interviews

San Onofre Update with two activists working on legal and public protest against storage of highly radioactive waste in 5/8″ steel canisters only 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean:

Ray Lutz with San Onofre protest kite

SPECIAL FUKUSHIMA REPORT:  Kerry Anne O’Connor provides an intimate report on bullying of children from Fukushima, their unresolved trauma, and the breakdown of Japan’s usual social order.   Exclusive to Nuclear Hotseat.  

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

  • Nuclear delusions and semantic manipulations from Takashi Imai, chair of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum.  I guess they pay him to say that ridiculous stuff…