NH #367: New Mexico Radioactive Battleground over Nuke Dump: Sierra Club’s John Buchser

New Mexico’s other nuclear problems include the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant,
or WIPP site near Carlsbad, NM (pictured), where a 55 gallon drum of stored waste from Los Alamos National Laboratories exploded on Valentine’s Day, 2014. It cost taxpayers more than $2 billion and severely limits the ability to store radioactive nuclear weapons manufacturing waste
there. What “goodies” might an “interim” high level radwaste storage site have in store for New Mexicans, eh…? 

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • New Mexico – John Buchser serves as the two-term Chair of the Sierra Club Rio Grande chapter, which is part of a coalition of New Mexico groups fighting against a so-called “interim” storage dump site for high level nuclear waste — “interim” being defined as 60-120 years! Their website is: www.riograndesierraclub.org/holtec.
  • Not an interview, but such a great picture, I must to use it.  Greenpeace France flying a drone disguised as “Superman” into the side of the nuclear fuel pool filled with high level radioactive fuel rods at Bugey in France.  They then crashed a second one, disguised as the mild mannered Clark Kent/uncostumed drone, into the exact same place.  Need any other proof of nuclear reactor vulnerability?

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear  Boneheadedness):

NPR – we hardly knew ye!  Pro-nuke titles on features, burying the opposition position without contradiction – and using Three Mile Island as a model of why state renewable energy funds need to be shifted over to nukes?  SHAMECLICK HERE for link.


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