NH #598: RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island – New Film by Heidi Hutner Premieres

RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island – New Film by Heidi Hutner Premieres

New film by Heidi Hutner has world premiere: RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island

This Week’s Special Feature:

  • It’s hard to get the full picture of what nuclear is and what it does across to the general public. Disconnected news stories, nuclear industry full-press spin, ADHD news cycles and the public’s general lack of memory obscures the horrible truth about what happens when a nuclear reactor goes off the rails.

    Thus it is cause for celebration when a full length documentary appears that tells the nuclear story clearly, completely, with human focus and all the compelling arguments in place. That’s the case with the new film RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island. Produced and directed by ecofeminism professor-turned-visual journalist Heidi Hutner, the film follows four mothers who lived through and next to TMI as the focus for this crucial film.

    TMI was the worst nuclear accident in US history – so far – and has been buried under decades of nuclear industry spin-speak. Now, at last, the truth can come out, and word is that the film is brilliant. As the press materials explain:
    Though this disaster took place in 1979, the life and death implications continue in the spiritual, physical, and political DNA of the community, its residents, and their descendants.

    To bring you the sense of the world premiere as part of the Dances With Films Festival, two long time Nuclear Hotseat listeners and supporters stepped forward to help out: Priscilla Star, a foiunder of the Coalition Against Nukes (C.A.N.) and Joe DeMare. Joe is the host and producer of For A Green Future, a radio program that covers a wide variety of environmental and ecological issues. His show is Broadcast in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio, then posted as a podcast and on a youtube channel. He also organizes an annual event remembering the Fukushima nuclear disaster called Unplug Nuclear Power which is a 24 hour boycott of grid supplied electricity every March 11.

Libbe HaLevy Moderating Panel from Disrupt and Museum of Political Corruption on Power Struggle Film

On International Anti-Corruption Day, the Museum of Political Corruption honors the fight of all of those who stand up against corruption, with a special screening and discussion of the documentary “Power Struggle,” on the fight to shut down the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station.

REGISTER NOW to receive a one-time exclusive access to the film and join us online on Friday, December 9th, at 7PM (EST) for a live in-depth conversation with very special guests:

  • director Robbie Leppzer
  • Tony Klein (retired Vermont State Representative who led the fight in the Vermont Legislature against the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant)
  • Linda Pentz Gunter (editor, writer and curator at Beyond Nuclear International)
  • moderated by Libbe HaLevy, host and producer of the Nuclear Hotseat Podcast.

Nuclear Hotseat Hot Story with Linda Pentz Gunter

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, was in Washington, DC last week peddling, yes, a new French nuclear renaissance. Sacre bleu! Did he miss the complete flop the last time around? And has he not noticed that half his current reactor fleet is down?

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

How does the head of the country that experienced Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima justify all this nuclear expansion?


Cel from comic book on Nuclear Waste in Canada