NH #465: Leaning (Nuclear) Tower of Vogtle: Arnie Gundersen + Nancy Burton on Millstone Covid Outbreak + Int’l Covid/Nuclear UPDATE

Leaning (Nuclear) Tower of Vogtle: Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen
on the dangers of a sinking nuclear reactor in Georgia

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, has more than 45 years of nuclear power engineering experience. He holds a nuclear safety patent, was a licensed reactor operator, and is a former nuclear industry senior vice president. During his nuclear power industry career, Arnie managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants in the US.  Here, he goes over the problems at the Vogtle nuclear reactor build in Georgia, where the weight of the unit is already causing it to sink into Georgia’s red clay.  Arnie analyzed the data that became the basis for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL)’s petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission called on regulators to revoke the plant’s license for false statements made by its owners, Southern Nuclear Operating Company. Here is the latest Fairewinds blog post by Arnie and Maggie Gundersen about the sinking reactor of Vogtle.Here is the BREDL legal petition and Arnie’s expert report for BREDL via the Fairewinds website.Fairewinds’ research about safety issues of AP1000 reactor design, the same reactors at Vogtle
  • Nancy Burton is Director of Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone (MothballMillstone.org), and she joined us to talk about the implications of the latest Covid cases at Millstone nuclear reactor in Waterford, CT during the current refueling outage.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Would you trust the core of your neighborhood nuclear reactor to a 3-D printing process?  Didn’t think so… 

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Rachel Maddow Tops Week’s Cable News Programming Pack In Demo | Deadline

Rachel Maddow has opened the door for us to get Covid/Nuclear information to her – and we need your voices!  Here’s the link to her “Send It To Rachel” page:  http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/send-it-rachel

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