NH #73: Japanese Seniors Thwarted in Fukushima Clean-Up Effort


Remember the senior citizens who volunteered to help clean up Fukushima to spare younger workers from radiation exposure?  Nuclear Hotseat interviews Yastel Yamada, the man who helped start the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima.  Listen closely as he talks about graft, censorship and the politics of the nuclear clean-up.


  • Post-Sandy roundup of nuclear near-misses and industry denial;
  • How Japan’s medical system is guaranteeing there’s no evidence of radiation damage and illness from Fukushima;
  • Radiation contamination in Tokyo Bay;
  • The ugliness of Japan’s Prince Takeda, who’s no “prince” unless we’re talking “nuclear denial”;
  • A nuclear amusement park (what were they thinking???);
  • Radioactive tobacco so hazardous to your health, even Japanese cigarette makers won’t touch it!
  • …and lots, lots more!


Nuclear Policy lecturer Daniel Hirsch from UC Santa Cruz on San Onofre nuclear plant problems: