A Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Uranium Film Festval, 2023.
Wow, was I ever surprised – and chuffed!

Marcîa Gomez de Oliviera (center) with dance students from the Adolpho Bloch school in Rio following their presentation commemorating Brazil’s worst radiological accident.

SPECIAL – International Uranium Film Festival in Rio – Pt. 2, The Awards!

In this second of two reports from the International Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with interviews with Festival Founders and Directors Marcîa Gomez de Oliviera and Norbert Suchenek; depleted uranium expert, activist, and academic Damacio Lopez; and audience members, who reflect on what brought them there and why the Festival is so important. It all leads up to the Awards ceremony… including a special surprise Lifetime Achievement award for Nuclear Hotseat producer/host Libbe HaLevy.

  • Damacio Lopez (l), a long time supporter and friend to the IUFF, in Rio from New Mexico, fills us in not only on his films, but on the early history and even pre-history of the IUFF.
One of the films Damacio Lopez contributed to, and a winner of Best Short Documentary at the
inaugural 2011 International Uranium Film Festival.
  • Festival Founder and Director Marcîa Gomez de Oliviera explains how the Festival and her work at a Rio public school focused on media and the arts have become entwined since the Festival’s inception.
Filming interviews with students at the Adolpho Bloch school in Rio for Miguel Silviera’s upcoming film on the International Uranium Film Festival. That’s a bust of Adolpho Bloch, the industrialist who inspired and funded the school, in the background.
Permanent collage mural at the Adolpho Bloch school features posters from previous Uranium Film Festivals.
  • Festival Director Norbert Suchanek gives us a glimpse of future editions of the International Uranium Film Festival.

Norbert Suchanek (center) in his element – talking with fans and filmmakers during a break in the Festival schedule.

And when we weren’t busy with the Festival…

Me receiving my honoring tattoo from Urutau Guajajara, an indigenous leader from the Amazon village of Guajajara in the Amazon rainforest of northeast Brazil. (Photo by Norbert Suchanek)

The finished “tattoo.” I might just make it permanent…

At Ipanema Beach during our break. Some days are just harder than others… (Photo by Miguel Silviera)

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