NH #218: Inadvertent Radiation Special – Uranium in Midwest Aquifers and Drinking Water – Interview w/Karen Hadden

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Karen Hadden, executive director of the Sustainabe energy and Economic Develoopment Coalition, or SEED Coalition environmental watchdog group based in Texas, on the discovery of high levels of uranium in U.S. aquifers that provide drinking water to six million Midwesterners.

Listen Here:


Numnutz of the Week:

Kids – don’t try this at home!  Israeli scientist Prof. Brend Laster believes in the flawed, ludicrous hormesis theory – which claims that radiation is actually **GOOD** for you!!! – has been injecting herself with radiation as a “vaccination” against radioactive fallout!  (I guess that $500,000 grant – from whom?!? — in 2010 helped persuade her as well.)