NH #488: Hot Nukes & Global Warming: Nuclear’s Climate Change Connection – Attny Susan Hito Shapiro

Hot nukes – The thermal plume from Indian Point and Lovett power plants in
this infra-red image taken in 1998 by scientists from GER/SpectroTech, Inc.
The reds indicate discharge temperatures from 1-8 degrees hotter than ambient river
water, and the yellows go up to 14.5 degrees hotter. One scientist noted that
the plume appeared to be devoid of life.





This Week’s Featured Interview:

Hot Nukes & Global WarmingSusan Hito Shapiro (aka Susan Hillary) is a New York State attorney whose practice focuses on environmental water protection and land use in the Hudson Valley.  She was co-counsel on the groundbreaking litigation against Indian Point’s violation of the Clean Water Act for thermal and radiation pollution of the Hudson River; and against the NRC for reducing fire safety standards at Indian Point from 3 hours to 24 minutes. She laid the legal groundwork opposing re-licensing of Indian Point; participated in the Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Waste; and represented nuclear whistle blowers.  We spoke on Friday, October 16, 2020.


Charts Referred to During Interview:

Hot Nukes & Global Warming – Compare these charts to consider how heat from all things nuclear parallels the decades-long increase in global warming/climate change: 


Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness:)

Japanese journalists and/or their editors continue to semantically erase Fukushima’s nuclear triple meltdown disaster from any reference to NE Japan’s attempts at recovery.  Nuke-washing in preparation for the Olympics?