NH #381: Holtec so-called “interim” Nuke Waste Dump in NM – Legal, Activist Pushback w/Attny Terry Lodge

Holtec so-called “interim” radioactive storage dump, Yucca Mountain, and uranium mining
brings out Native tribal protestors at Red Butte in Arizona

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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Holtec, the company trying to own nuclear waste and all its attendant monies, has a ferocious opponent in Terry Lodge.  He is an Ohio trial lawyer who has represented many clients in civil rights, civil liberties, and environmental cases. An advocate for the public interest in energy policy issues who has litigated nuclear power safety and environmental issues for 40 years, Lodge has also represented opponents of nuclear weapons and mountaintop removal mining.

Attorney Terry Lodge

  • Scott Portzline of Three Mile Island Alert created this animation on “spent” nuclear fuel transport dangers

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Hormesis?!?!  No – whore-YOU-sis if you believe the latest push by the Trump administration to convince you that a little radiation is actually mmm-mmm-good! for you!  It’s a get outta jail free card for the nuclear industry!

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