NH #309: HANFORD Accident #2 in 10 Days! + Ian Zabarte on Yucca Mt. Nuclear Desecration of Western Shoshone Land

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  • New Accident – Radioactive contamination of worker’s clothes as underground double-sided tank containing 800,000 gallons of radioactive waste shows signs of leak. 
  • Old Accident – May 9, 2017 collapse of 20’x20′ of tunnel over highly radioactive materials from PUREX facility now “remediated” by 53 dump trucks of soil AND a new plastic tarp held in place by cement blocks (see: featured image above). 

This Week’s Featured Interviews

  • Ian Zabarte is Director of the Nuclear Oversight Project of the Western Shoshone Nation.  He covers Yucca Mountain, Treaty law, and tribal rights.  Native Community Action Council and the healing center Pooha-Ba, meaning Power Water.

Ian Zabarte in Western Shoshone video about Yucca Mountain

  • Alex Cohen of Earth Defense Coalition  gives an on-site report on the sit-in at Rep. Lacy Clay‘s (D-MO) office.  Action was to force his promised introduction of federal legislation to shift jurisdiction over the clean up of the West Lake Landfill WWII nuclear weapons waste in North St. Louis  from the Environemental Protection Agency to the Army Corps of Engineers’ FUSRAP program.  Legislation now set to be introduced on Wednesday, May 24, 2017; date was not solid before the demo happened.

Earth Defense Coalition lock box occupation of Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) office.

Numnutz of the Week (for Nuclear Boneheadedness):

University of Arkansas thinks it’s OK to dump water from a still-hot 50-year-old nuclear reactor into sewers that lead to the town of Fayetteville’s drinking water supply.  Oy! 

Activist Action:

Write letters or post cards to German anti-nuclear activist Hanna Poddig, currently in prison for having locked herself to a railroad track and blocked a shipment of nuclear waste.  A post card from USA to Germany is just $1.15.  Hanna’s address in prison is:

Mrs. Hanna Poddig
JVA Hildesheim
Godehardplatz 7
D-31134 Hildesheim

German anti-nuclear activist Hanna Poddig (l)