NH #399: Green New Deal & Climate Change: NUKES WILL NOT HELP! – Gundersen has the Science, NEIS’s Gail Snyder w/the GND Languaging Tricks.

Green New Deal may be co-opted before it ever starts if it allows nuclear energy.
Image Credit:  Barnaby Chambers; used with Permission of Fairewinds Energy Education

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This week’s featured interviews:

  • Green New Deal languaging analyzed for hidden pro-nuclear landmines by  Gail Snyder, Board Chair of Chiago-based Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS).
  • Are nukes “carbon-free” and can they actually help turn around global warming?  Arnie Gundersen is Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, as well as a former licensed nuclear reactor operator and whistleblower — and he rips that nuclear industry propaganda campaign to shreds.  On Sunday, December 3, 2017, Arnie spoke in Chicago and gave a brilliant explanation of global warming and why it’s impossible for nukes to help. “Carbon free?”  NOT!Additional clarity from Arnie Gundersen and Fairewinds:
  • Video of Arnie speech at McGill University – CO2 Smokescreen: New Nukes Make Global Warming Worse
  • Two-minute animation  explains why new nukes will not help with global warmingSMOKESCREEN

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness)

What better cure for fears about radiation in Fukushima farm, fishery and forestry products than a new 30-second advertising spot!  Just smear it around TV, cinemas and online – et voilá!  Nothing changes but perception.

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