NH #401: Fukushima Update SPECIAL: Microparticles, Medical Data Manipulation, More! Simply Info’s 2019 Fukushima Report w/Nancy Foust

Fukushima Update:  Photo sequence of the explosion at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors,
March 14, 2011, that spewed radioactive microparticles into the environment

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Fukushima UPDATE SPECIAL – Nancy Foust is Communications Manager & Research Team Member SimplyInfo.org, a not for profit research collective that holds and manages the world’s largest public archive of data on the Fukushima disaster. Every year they publish an extensively researched and vetted update on what’s happening at the disaster site and to the people still living with the aftermath. This is a gold standard report, and we’re fortunate to have secured Nancy for an interview before the report is released to the public.  We spoke on Monday, February 25, 2019.

    Copies of the Simply Info Fukushima at 8 – 2019 UPDATE Report
    will be available at: simplyinfo.org as of March 10, 2019, and on Amazon.com as of March 12, 2019.

Godzilla, a metaphor for the impact of the atomic bomb, was created in 1954
by filmmaker Ishirō Honda, who was originally from Fukushima.

Activist Info Links:

  • Previous Nuclear Hotseat episode on United Nations Lies re: Fukushima Radiation – SPECIAL long-form interview with Dr Alex Rosen of  International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).  He takes down official UNSCEAR report with footnotes, peer-review studies, and a hefty dose of inconvenient truth.  Nuclear Hotseat #376 from September 4, 2018
  • To learn about how radiation statistics from Chernobyl continue to be manipulated to hide the ongoing severity and impact of that 1986 nuclear disaster, listen to the classic Nuclear Hotseat interview with Alison Katz of the group International WHO, which has the data and research that prove that the United Nations agency has severely and intentionally understated the number of deaths caused – and STILL BEING CAUSED – by the radiation released by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  You can access the most recent presentation of that information HERE