NH #70 – Karl Grossman Demystifies Nuclear Media Manipulation



INTERVIEW:  Karl Grossman condenses 45 years of reporting on nuclear issues into a primer on where the lies started (HINT: Before Hiroshima!), how they became entrenched, why it seems so impossible to get mainstream media coverage, and what we can do about it.  Double the usual interview because man, this man knows stuff we all need to understand if we’re to succeed.


  • Greenpeace invades two Swedish nuke plant; six activists stay the night undetected!
  • Japan again allowed to export Kobe beef to the US;
  • Massachusetts activists planning to sue Entergy over Pilgrim NPP;
  • Lithuanian nuclear referendum shows there’s more common sense in Eastern Europe re: nuclear than there is here in the US;
  • Indian glossy coffeetable book funded by the nuke industry shows butterflies <!> at nuclear exclusion zones… but not mutations.  This qualifies as Evil Numnutz.


Free book (pdf) by Karl Grossman:  COVER US: What You Are NOT supposed to Know about Nuclear – available at this link:


Karl suggested several sites to visit to learn more about his work:

Karl also suggested the following sites for basic information on all things nuclear:

Here’s a video of one crucial question being asked — and ducked — at last week’s San Onofre hearings w/the NRC, SCE and the public (Thanks to Myla Reson for the video.).: