NH #13: Evacuate Fukushima – Video and Petition

Rarely have I seen anything as profoundly moving as this video, which makes the indellible case for international support in forcing the Japanese government to evacuate the children of Fukushima from the danger zone.  The picture painted, which pinpoints many of the aspects of the story we’ve been featuring on the weekly podcast, is concise, artistic, infuriating, heart-wrenching — and true.

Please – watch the video.  Sign the petition.  Donate if you can.  Share the link.  Pass it on.  The international media will not even cover the biggest environmental story of our lifetime and an unconscionable government betrayal of its people.  Your voice is needed.  Please lend it.  Now.


(And if someone can teach me how to embed a video and install a widget, I’d appreciate it.)