NH #11: Detoxing from Radiation

Today, I watched my 10-year-old dog frolic in the yard with her favorite ball, playing like a puppy, with more energy than I’ve seen her have in years.

Why is this worth a mention on an anti-nuclear website?  Because as part of my program to rid my body and hers of as many toxic materials as possible — including nuclear materials possibly absorbed post-Fukushima — I have added bentonite clay to our diets.

Bentonite is used internally and externally as a detoxifying agent.  You can put it in baths and soak in it to draw toxins out of the body.  You can dust it on yourself like a talc, where it will have the same effect.  You can put it in food and eat it (more on this in a second) to draw internal toxins out of your body.  When bentonite comes in contact with radioactive particles, it sucks them up, surrounds them, and allows you to excrete them through your skin or bowel movements.

Other natural materials that can be used in this way are French green clay and zeolite.  Zeolite in particular is used in the soil to trap radiation and keep it from being absorbed by plants, thus providing some measure of protection for the food chain.

The problem with ingesting any of these is that they taste like, well, dirt.  When I sprinkled bentonite on my dog’s water, she – who is fond of munching coyote skat and drinking from stagnant puddles – would not touch it.  So now, every morning,  I mix a teaspoon with a few spoons of canned dog food and put it atop her kibble.  She gloms it down, never noticing a difference.

For me, I started by gagging it down in an alkiline drink I regularly make, but it was truly awful.  Then I started putting a tablespoon in my daily smoothie, and it worked.  A little gritty in the background, with hints of oak, gravel and mud pie <g>, but a banana blended in goes a long way towards disguising it.

The results so far?  My dog has more energy, has exercised more and thus lost weight.  Even more impressive, a few of her “lumps and bumps” (usual with aging dogs) have reduced in size or disappeared entirely.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

As for me, I feel better, with more energy, better concentration and better sleep.  My skin is clearer, as are my eyes.  Of course, I take a lot of supplements, but since taking bentonite, I just feel better.  Even if I had no radiation in my body, other toxic gunk of modern life has been removed, and for that I am grateful.

We all have to take better care of our health in the wake of Fukushima, with unpredictable exposure to radiation capable of happening at any time.  Taking bentonite every day is one of the things I have chosen to do for myself.  You need to do your own research and make your own decisions about supplementation, but whatever you decide, take impeccable care of your health.  We need all the anti-nuclear activists we can get.