NH #379: Chris Busby Strikes Back against Trumped-Up Attempted Arrest + Dawn Chapman on Good/Bad News re: N. St. Louis Toxic Landfills

Chris Busby in iconic – and so-called “suspicious” – beret.

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Dawn Chapman, co-founder of the group Just Moms StL, has helped shepherd community protest of radioactive waste from Republic Services’ two landfills that had contaminated the neighborhood, back yards, even inside the houses where they and others live.  She provides background and context for this week’s report issued by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services regarding the health effects of the Bridgeton landfill stench.  There’s good news – and bad news.

Dawn Chapman, self-described “soccer mom” and co-founder of Just Moms StL,
fighting Republic Services and the West Lake and Bridgeton Landfills

  • UK’s Dr. Chris Busby, a successful science-based foe of the nuclear industry and the government’s lack of support for nuclear workers, speaks out on aspects of his attempted arrest on trumped-up suspicions of bomb making — all because, as a scientist, he has a laboratory in his home.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Right hand to left hand, nuclear right hand to nuclear left hand — WTF are you saying about bombs and reactors NOW?

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