NH #572 – Dr. Caldicott 2015 Symposium on Possible Nuclear Extinction

This Week’s Special Feature:

  • In 2015, Dr. Helen Caldicott brought together world experts for two day Symposium on Possible Nuclear Extinction. Meeting at the New York Academy of Science, experts in nuclear policy, politics, the impact of radiation on life, nuclear winter, weaponry joined forces to speak on the exact nature of the nuclear dangers we all face. It was an unflinching look at not only how bad things have already gotten, but how much worse they could get. I attended for Nuclear Hotseat, to not only cover what these experts were sharing, but who was attending, why each of us matters, and what we can do to turn things around before it’s too late.

    Having just interviewed Dr. Caldicott for Nuclear Hotseat #568 on May 11, and #569 on May 18, this seemed a good time to renew our acquaintance with this unprecedented event. So this week, a look back at Dr. Caldicott’s Symposium on Possible Nuclear Extinction. Excerpts from talks, interviews with the presenters and audience members who were activists, volunteers, and observations on the event and its impact on all present.

    Further information on the Symposium and all of Dr. Caldicott’s work is available at: www.HelenCaldicott.com.

    If you wish to view the Symposium speakers, here are the Youtube links:

Nuclear Extermination – Day 1, morning speakers

Nuclear Extermination – Day 1 – afternoon speakers

Nuclear Extermination – Day 2 speakers

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