NH #98: LaSalle SCRAMS x4; Will Chicagoans Have to Scram? NEIS’ Gail Snyder, Andrew Kishner


Nuclear Engineering at San Onofre (Photo: 10 News San Diego)


When the LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant 125 miles from Chicago got hit with lightning on April 17, it set up a series of emergency shut-downs, unvented gas releases, and an untold amount of radiation let loose in the environment.  The issues are complex and deeply troubling.  Explaining the situation are Gail Snyder of the Nuclear Energy and Information Service (NEIS.org) and Andrew Kishner, who investigates technical nuclear issues and reports on them on his website, NuclearCrimes.org. 


  • NYTimes says TEPCO “just hanging on,” hasn’t a clue;
  • Japan refuses its responsibility to evacuate kids from Fukushima radiation zone;
  • More peaceful Koodankulam protesters arrested in India;
  • Radiation rises in Tokyo and no one knows — or will admit to — why;
  • Entergy told to pay Red Cross over $700K for evacuation plan… and they doan wanna…! <LOL!>;
  • Leverett, Massachusetts, votes to abolish the NRC! (Would that it were so easy…)
  • And then there’s so much more!


  • 2nd Runner Up: Fox anchor finds possibility that radiation from Fukushima may be killing sea lions, “Wow, that would be astounding, and sad certainly.”
  • 1st Runner Up:  Pennsylvania truck from fracking site refused right to dump drill cuttings in its own company’s landfill because of 10X permitted radiation levels… so it just goes looking for a different landfill that will let it dump.
  • Winner: San Onofre Unit 3 leak “fixed” with plastic bags, tape, broomsticks (see: picture at the top).  Oy.


From Gail Snyder:

Keiko Ichikawa, author of “A Letter from Fukushima”