NH #96: Naval Personnel Nuked w/Fukushima Radiation – FULL STORY


You may have heard about the sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan suing TEPCO for their radiation exposure, but you haven’t heard the whole story.  “The devil’s in the details,” as they say, and the details in this story from former quartermasters Jaime Plym and Maurice Enis promises to break your heart and and make you angry.  The first audio is a presentation the two did at the Dr. Caldicott/PSR  Symposium on the Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima.  The show closes out with uncensored, unedited audio from the press conference that followed, unheard until now.


  • Numnutz of the Week for Nuclear Boneheadedness: Three candidates, but the winner is the Japanese triathlon that has 6-year-olds swimming in a lake so radioactive, it killed off a release of 80-million smelt eggs last year and the four fish they caught to test all had radiation levels more than 3x legal limit.  This is what governmental genocide looks like.
The new piece of "jewelry" we all may be wearing soon?
The new piece of “jewelry” we all may be wearing soon?
  • EPA thinks it’s just dandy for 1 in 23 of us to get cancer and they much prefer that to the silly old standard of  no more than 1 human-being-American-citizen in 10,000;
  • NRC ignores Sen. Boxer/Rep. Markey to rev up for what looks like The Battle of San Onofre;
  • Los Angeles radiation shows spike of 419%;
  • all 7 Fukushima underground pools leaking radioactive water into the Pacific;
  • 50-year old radiation waste found in barrels sunk to the bottom of the English Channel;
  • US committed secret Nazi-style radiation tests on helpless US citizens; might they still be doing that today?
  • …and much, much more!


Michael Collins on radiation increase of 419% for Los Angeles