NH #95: Radiation & Food Safety: FFAN Actions w/Cindy Folkers, Mary Beth Brangan

INTERVIEW:  Radiation from Fukushima, nuclear reactors and leftover atmospheric testing continue to compromise the safety of our food.  Learn the dangers of radiation contamination — and how to take action — from two members of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN): Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear and Mary Beth Brangan of EON (Ecological Options Network).  Then go sign the FFAN petitions:


  • Numnutz of the Week for Nuclear Boneheadedness:  White House draft report calls for steep rollback of standards for radioactive waste clean-up to levels expected to cause cancer in 1 in 23 people, while EPA spokesmodel tells the public to “put on their big boy pants and suck it up.” <!>
  • Former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko calls for phase-out of current US nuke fleet.
  • Southern California Edison tries to TELL the NRC that they WILL approve a restart at San Onofre by June 1.
  • NOAA testing to learn if Fukushima radiation is behind sea lion beachings and die-offs in Southern California.
  • Fukushima tank leaks 120 tons of radioactive water, runoff channeled into a different tank… and that one leaks, too!
  • TEPCO knocks Fukushima power offline yet again, while setting only mousetraps to catch potentially world-ending rats;
  • Film critic Roger Ebert suspected radiation of causing his cancer, to which he succumbed this week after a decades-long battle.
  • And much more!