NH #90: Organizational Psychosis and the Nuclear Connection w/Dr. Lloyd C. Williams

INTERVIEW:  Dr. Lloyd C. Williams, international Fortune 100-level coach/consultant/organizational psychologist, on Organizational Psychosis as it relates to Japan, TEPCO, the NRC and the rest of the nuclear industry, with tips to activists on how to break the nuclear cycle of abuse. 


  • Website:  http://www.i-ttl.com/, http://www.drlloydcwilliams.com
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Phone:  +1-(678)-834-5441


  • BREAKING NEWS: Canadian company recycling radwaste into consumer goods forced out of business (now comes the clean-up).
  • World Health Organization issues shameful, lying report claiming no health damage in Japan from Fukushima radiation <!>;
  • Hanford update:  Now 67 tanks found to be leaking radwaste at Hanford in Washington state, which is heading towards the Columbia River;
  • US legislators souring on nuclear because it costs too much;
  • And activists around the world gear up for Fukushima‘s second anniversary.

WHO says there will be no ill effects from radiation from Fukushima?  What have they been smoking? 

Nuclear Bunny w/o ears in Japan, 3 months after Fukushima
Nuclear Bunny w/o ears in Japan, 3 months after Fukushima