NH #464: Hanford Nuclear & Covid Nightmares: Tom Carpenter, Hanford Challenge

Hanford Nuclear Nightmares – before Covid times – being addressed by
Hanford Challenge Executive Director Tom Carpenter

at January, 2018 Senate hearings.

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Hanford Nuclear and Covid nightmares get explained and exposed by Tom Carpenter, Executive Director of Hanford Challenge, the Washington state watchdog group.  He  is an attorney and worked as the Director of the Nuclear Oversight Campaign for the Government Accountability Project from 1985 to 2007. Previously, Tom founded Cincinnati Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) and served on the Cincinnati Mayor’s Environmental Advisory Council. In this interview, he provides background on the current status of the neverending clean-up, how Hanford has become a budgetary football for the current administration, and the impact of Covid19 on the site’s safety.

Even John Oliver has had his eye on Hanford. 

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