NH #460: Covid19/Nuclear: Grand Canyon Uranium Mines Stimulus Money-Grab – Sierra Club’s Alicyn Gitlin

Covid19/Nuclear impacts felt even in the wilds of the Grand Canyon as uranium mines
cry crocodile tears in an attempt to grab stimulus money.

Covid19/Nuclear UPDATE: This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Covid19/Nuclear impact – bad news in even more places.  Learn about the uranium industry Covid19 money-grab from Alicyn Gitlin.   She is with the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, where she is Conservation Coordinator of the Restore & Protect the Greater Grand Canyon Campaign.  Alicyn explains the history of uranium mining contaminating the groundwater of Grand Canyon; the areas near popular trails where hikers and backpackers are warned not to collect water; the devastating impact to the Havasupai native people who have lived for millennia in the Canyou; and the pity-party uranium mining conglomerates are throwing to make themselves appear eligible for stimulus package monies.


  • LINK to the letter Alicyn Gitlin mentions that the nuclear industry sent to the Trump administration.


  • And here’s A LINK to the letter just submitted to the government signed by 75 different groups opposing a uranium bailout

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

The lengths the nuclear industry is willing to go to convince the public that nuclear materials are really “green” and “recyclable” – look, would you want to sleep on a bed with box springs made out of salvaged nuclear reactor metal?  Didn’t think so…