NH #350: SPECIAL: Fukushima 7th Anniversary VOICES FROM JAPAN: Child Thyroid Cancer Rates Soar in Fukushima

Fukushima 7th Anniversary


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Featured Interviews:

  • Chikako Chiba is a representative of the Ajisai-no Kai Support Group for families with children who have thyroid cancer.
  • Toshio Yanagihara is an attorney who has been seeking to protect the right of Fukushima families with children to live in a safe environment.
  • Dr. Misao Fujita is the Medical Director of the Tarachine Iwaki Citizens Radiation Monitoring Center

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

NRC goes MIA as “Bomb Cyclone” Riley hammers New England, including Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant at the foot of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  Don’t want to face up to what might happen?  Cancel the NRC on account of rain!

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Profound thanks and gratitude for the energy, insights, talents and expertise offered by so many fine professionals in the creation of this Nuclear Hotseat Voices from Japan SPECIAL:

  • Co-Produced with and English translations by Beverly Findlay-Kaneko of Families for Safe Energy.
  • Interviews and Featured Image by U. G. Kaneko.
  • Voiceover coordinator: Kei Ogawa.
  • Voice Actors:
    • Chihiro Kawamura for Chikako Chiba
    • Yoshi Ando for Dr. Masao Fujita
    • Hiro Matsunaga for Toshio Yanagihara

My gratitude to you all for giving voice to what must be said. – Libbe HaLevy, Producer/Host, Nuclear Hotseat.