NH #324: Texas Nuke Site FLOODED, IRMA Aims at FLA – But NRC Mute on Hurricane Dangers as Nuke Industry PR Hacks Brag

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Nancy Foust of SimplyInfo.org again joins us to review the actual flooding at South Texas Project’s nuclear reactors next to Bay City, Texas.
Satellite map of flooding at South Texas Project nuclear facility (UC Davis via Simply Info, with permission)

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

We don’t know who’s more Numnutz this week:  Washington State for fining the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a mere $16,000 for inaction on a matter at the Hanford Site – a $2.3 BILLION ANNUAL BUDGET CLEAN-UP – or actually thinking they’ll see a dime of it.