NH #111: “Fukushima is Here” Human Billboard; Daniel Hirsch SSFL Encore

"Fukushima is Here" mock-up - join the real thing on October 19!
Fukushima is Here” mock-up – help make the real thing happen on October 19!

FEATURED INTERVIEW:  John Bertucci, one of the organizers of the “Fukushima is Here” campaign, on what it takes to set up a 2,000-person human billboard on a beach… and how you can do it, too, as part of an international planned October 19 action. 

Close-up of a "human billboard" in progress.
Close-up of a “human billboard” in progress.


Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer on nuclear policy at University of California, Santa Cruz and President of Committee to Bridge the Gap, talks about the nuclear accident you most likely have never heard of — The Santa Susana Field Lab core meltdown in 1959.  It’s the worst nuclear reactor accident in US history – worse even than Three Mile Island – and it was completely hidden from the public for over 20 years.  This is a replay of Nuclear Hotseat’s interview with the man who was most intimiately involved with revealing the cover-up and breaking the story. 

Daniel Hirsch
Daniel Hirsch

NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  Alaska Airlines thinks its flight attendants’ mysterious illnesses — rashes, headaches, hair loss, respiratory problems — have been caused by their new uniforms, first introduced in January, 2011.  Nobody bothered to look at the timing as being coincidental with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and subsequent radiation plume.  So they spent $5 million replacing the uniforms!  Has nobody ever noticed that each of those symptoms is consistent with radiation exposure?

Flying the radiation-plumed skies?
Flying the radiation-plumed skies?


  • TEPCO fakes its apologies with help from its cronies;
  • WHO refuses to consider depleted uranium as a possible cause of Iraqi mutations;
  • Indian Point supervisor arrested for deliberately falsifying critical safety records
  • Idle No More! – First Nation activists instrumental in blocking Great Lakes transport of radioactive steam generators to Sweden;
  • South Carolina REFUSES to become a nuclear waste dump;
  •  San Onofre fuel removed from reactor in record time, effectively terminating SCE’s license – WOO HOO!