NH #101: Hanford Spotlight w/PSR’s Daniel Noonan, Food Safety w/organic farmer Paul Frey

Friends of the Earth's mobile billboard, roving the 50-mile evacuation radius from San Onofre in So. California.
Friends of the Earth’s mobile billboard, roving the 50-mile evacuation radius from San Onofre in      So. California.


Daniel Noonan of Washington state Physicians for Social Responsibility fills us in on history of the Hanford Nuclear Site, with its leaks threatening the Columbia River and the entire Pacific Northwest.  Includes information on this week’s Public Meeting on Hanford to be held on May 23 at the Husky Union Building at the University of Washington, Seattle.  www.WAMEC.org

Paul Frey, an organic farmer and winemaker, on the impact of a nuclear reactor accident on agriculture.  He’s the man who superimposed the plume patterns from Fukushima and Chernobyl on a map of California to give a graphic picture of the damage that would be caused by a meltdown at either reactor.  Learn how to make a plume map for your local neighborhood nuclear reactor by contacting Paul for his Powerpoint: [email protected].


  • Hanford Nuclear Site requires only a PARADE PERMIT to move high level nuclear materials through the streets of Richland, WA!


  • Belgium‘s 2 nukes cracked “but safe!”;
  • Hamburg ship fire threatened radioactive materials AND explosives in same cargo hold <!>;
  • Massive anti-nuke protests in Taiwan;
  • Fukushima growing rice for sale in former hot zone <!>;
  • German company to build wind power farm to power US weapons plant.  Huh???
  •   The inside story on Friends of the Earth‘s mobile billboard on San Onofre.

And so much more…!