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What People Say About The Show

I think you’re the smartest interviewer that I’ve ever worked with.  You get better and better every time!

Arnie Gunderson
Chief Engineer, Licensed Nuclear Reactor Operator, Whistleblower, Fairewinds Energy Education
I must congratulate you on your continuing work and voice in putting out what you put out there all the time. Very impressive.
Robert E. Frye
Emmy and Peabody award-winning producer and director of news and documentaries for network TV in the United States and Canada.
I listened to the podcast today with Marco (Kaltofen) and the Gundersens and it was AWESOME! You all really covered that well. Congrats on producing a fantastic podcast!
Denise Duffield
Associate Director, Director of Nuclear Threats Program, Physicians For Social Responsibility
Los Angeles
GREAT! Superb. You framed the issues so, so well — and they are complicated and normally so difficult to put together in an hour’s program! What a sensational job.”

Karl Grossman
Award-winning veteran environmental journalist
I was truly blown away with the range of issues you covered, your professionalism, and straightforward approach with just the right dash of humor. You are so amazing!!

Natalie Hildt Treat
Executive Director of C-10 Research and Educational Foundation
You gave me a splendid interview and I’ve had some very good feedback from across the globe – Germany, Canada and Vanuatu! Many many thanks to you for the coverage of the radioactive mud dump issue. You are a star!!!
Tim Deere-Jones
Marine Biologist and an Independent Marine Pollution Researcher and Consultant based in the UK