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NCD2 Purified Liquid Zeolite.  Proven to safely remove heavy metals from the body, including the heaviest of all metals: the radioactive ones.

Zeolite was used at Chernobyl — dumped on the radioactive core before the sarcophagus was built; smeared as a paste on the skin of Chernobyl’s liquidators before they put on their hazmat suits; even baked into cookies for the children.  Why?  Because it attracts, traps and removes from your body heavy metals, as well as other toxins.  After working with Kimberly Roberson, a Certified Nutrition Educator who founded Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network and who co-created the Radiation Awareness Protection Talk program (RAPT) to consider all the products available to best help safeguard health from radiation, NCD2 by Waiora came out the best and only product we would not only recommend, but use ourselves, every day.

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NEW!  Interview with acclaimed biochemist Rik Deitsch, co-author of Invisible Killers; The Truth About Environmental Genocideand the scientist who formulated NCD.  He talks about the detoxifying properties of zeolite, how it works on radioactive isotopes, the purification process, and what scientific peer-reviewed studies have shown about its effectiveness: