Blast the money out of nuclear weapons – and while you’re at it,
clean up the radioactive cancer-causing mess you’ve already created!
Picture of recent demo in Sacramento by a coalition of
environmental justice groups.  Of course, the pols did not listen.  Sigh…


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This Week’s Featured Interviews:


International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and Don’t Bank on the Bomb‘s short video on how much the nine nuclear weapons countries spend on their arsenals… in one year!


  • Melissa Bumstead of Parents Against the Santa Susana Field Lab, the group that has been fighting for a complete clean-up of the radiologically and chemically polluted site of the Rocketdyne site in Simi Valley, only 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles.  Here, she provides an UPDATE on the recent state-wide demo of environmental justice groups, including the anti-nuclear groups Tri-Valley Cares (focused on the Lawrence Livermore Lab) and Greenaction (working on Hunter’s Point San Francisco Bay ).

Activist Melissa Bumstead (in green boa), cleverly disguised as a rich lobbyist.
Picture taken at the Sacramento demonstration by Environmental Justice groups.


Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Radiation not killing off the animals fast enough?  Hey, let’s just let the hunters at ’em at Rocky Flats National Nuclear Waste Site, uhr, Wildlife Preserve!  They’re so hot, they cook themselves from the inside out!