Nuclear Hotseat 10th Anniversary, and there’s more nuclear news than ever:
San Onofre lawsuit, China radiation leak info contradictions, Exelon Illinois bailout may be scuttled by French EDF’s concerns. 

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  • San Onofre owners Southern California Edison plan to dismantle spent fuel pools – the last line of defense in a radiation accident on the California coast.  Now a lawsuit filed by Samuel Lawrence Foundation seeks to retain spent fuel pools and have a “hot cell” – repackaging unit – built on-site in case of future radiation accidents.  To learn more, we spoke with Cathy Iwane.  She has a post-graduate degree in Japanese, taught English in the public and private sector in Japan for 25 years, and co-founded Gaia English Academy in Wakayama, Japan. Since moving to Southern California from Japan after Fukushima, she was interpreter for Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan for the public education panel entitled, “Fukushima: Ongoing Lessons.”  Cathy is a Board Member of the Samuel Lawrence Foundation and remains engaged in the effort to educate the public about the risks of nuclear waste, especially at San Onofre.  We spoke on Sunday, June 13, 2021.

Lawrence O’Donnell report on San Onofre problems and lawsuit:

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Dave Kraft, Illinois Exelon Bailout UPDATE:

  • BLOCKBUSTER DEVELOPMENT:  Exelon‘s New York nuclear business partner, France’s EDF, is not pleased with the company’s plans to spin off all their money-losing nuclear reactors into a separate company… for which EDF would continue to be liable.  Dave Kraft of Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) in Chicago gives us a five minute update.

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China Reactors Radiation Release:

Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Information, being interviewed
on Al Jazieera regarding the nuclear radiation leak at China’s Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.