Chernobyl at 35: Ongoing Radiation Leaks, Insect and Animal Mutations,
The Never-Ending Dangers of the 1986 Nuclear Disaster


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This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Kate Brown is the author of Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future. She is an historian of environmental and nuclear history at MIT and the author of Plutopia, which won seven major awards. Her research has been funded by the American Academy in Berlin and by Carnegie and Guggenheim fellowships. In this season of Chernobyl commemorations, she made time in her daunting schedule to talk with us about what’s in her new book.  We spoke on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Kate Brown’s stunning book on Chernobyl.  CLICK on image to link to Amazon
or purchase at your local independent bookseller. 


  • Professor Timothy Mousseau is an evolutionary biologist and faculty member of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina since 1991. Beginning in 1999, Professor Mousseau and his collaborators have explored the ecological, genetic and evolutionary consequences of low-dose radiation in populations of plants, animals and people inhabiting the Chernobyl region of Ukraine and Belarus. More recently, he initiated a second research program in Fukushima, Japan.  This is an excerpt from a much longer interview conducted on February 16, 2016, which will be shared on an upcoming Nuclear Hotseat.


  • Ian Zabarte  is Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians.  His work covers Yucca Mountain, Treaty law and tribal rights, Native Community Action Council and the healing center Pooha-Ba, meaning Power Water.

    Ian Zabarte, Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians
    being interviewed by Nuclear Hotseat’s Libbe HaLevy


    LINK:  Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues

    April 26-31, 2021. This 5-night event focuses on the impacts that nuclear issues have on Native American communities across the country.
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    Speakers include: Winona LaDuke, Tom Goldtooth, Carletta Tilousi, Kandi White, Myron Dewey, Tommy Rock, Manny Pino, Joe Kennedy, and Ian Zabarte.
    Featured artists include Jack Malotte, Sorren Thunder Richards, and Bryan Hudson


    LINK:  Navajo Power Energy Roundtable

    April 22 and April 23, 2021, 9 a.m. DST – fostering discussion and advance action on the unique set of opportunities or Tribal Nations in the rapidly expanding renewable energy economy.
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