Plutonium + Nazis + Crashes = US Nukes in Space Dangers – When the Antares rocket crashed in 2014 (above), nothing was said about the possibility of plutonium on board, but research reveals that the power source for this style of rocket was listed as a 4 kg. fuel capsule in the shape of a long rod which contained plutonium-238 – with a half-life of 89.6 years.  Not reported at the time, and confirmation not yet achieved… but what if it did have plutonium on board?  


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  • Plutonium + Nazis + Crashes = U.S. Nukes in Space Dangers – As regular listeners to Nuclear Hotseat know, Karl Grossman is one of my favorite interviewees. He is an author and journalism professor at the State University of New York/College at Old Westbury, host of the television program Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman, author of six books, and writer of numerous magazine, newspaper and Internet articles. Karl has been covering nuclear issues for over 50 years, and he carries our archives in his mind – would that we could publish THAT. We talk with him here about nukes in space, where the impulse to expand nuclear domination came from, and the dangers nuclear represents, from launch to orbit to crash-down. We talked on March 12, 2021.LINKS from the interview: