Fukushima 10: In Okuma Town, in the Difficult to Return Zone, foreign TV crew members wear protective gear while the lone decontamination worker sweeping the street is wearing regular work clothes.
Photo courtesy of Shinshuu Hida.


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Fukushima 10: Voices from Japan – The 9th edition of Nuclear Hotseat’s Voices from Japan features on-the-ground interviews with people working in or involved with Fukushima.  For the first time, we are posting the original interviews in Japanese (scroll down).

The interviews on this episode of Nuclear Hotseat: Voices from Japan were based on original Japanese interviews conducted by Yuji Kaneko.

*インタビューは商業施設内で行われたため雑音が入っています。  ご了承ください。

*The interviews were conducted in public spaces, so there is background noise.


Photographer Shinshuu Hida:

To listen to photographer Shinshuu Hida’s original interview in Japanese, CLICK HERE

Fukushima 10: Photographer Shinshuu Hida in Tomioka Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
Note the security guard in the background taking pictures of the photojournalists with his smart phone.  Photo courtesy of Yuji Kaneko.

Shinshuu Hida’s website is here:  飛田さんのウェブサイトhttps://www.fukushimanosugata.com

Radiation Researcher Nobuyoshi Ito:

To listen to radiation researcher Nobuyoshi Ito’s Interview in Japanese, CLICK HERE

伊藤延由さんの日本語インタビューはこちら: CLICK HERE

Fukushima 10:  Radiation researcher Nobuyoshi Ito at Iitate Village Nature Park.  He explains that the farther you go up the hill, away from the decontaminated area, the higher the radiation level.  There are no signs to prevent people and children from using this park.
Photo courtesy of Yuji Kaneko. 


Fukushima 10:  Radiation reading on the ground in front of the Japanese Agricultural Coop Building in Okuma Town.  Photo Courtesy of Shinshuu Hida.


March 3, 2020 Press Conference on “Radioactive Hotspots along Olympic Torch Relay Route” with (l-r) Kazumasa Aoki: Vice President, Radioactivity Monitoring Center for Citizen; Nobuyoshi Ito: Iitate Village Resident; and Jun Nakamura: Co-Chairman, Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project