Texas Nuclear’s Epic Fail – Erica Gray (above), Nuclear Issues Chair of the Sierra Club, provides the damning Nuclear Regulatory Commission “event” (accident) reports online,
five days a week.


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  • TEXAS NUCLEAR’S EPIC FAIL – Erica Gray, Nuclear Issues Chair of the Sierra Club, checks and posts the Nuclear Regulatory Commission status (power level) and event (accidents, problems) reports on social media the five days a week that they are supposed to be issued.  Last week, Nuclear Hotseat offered a rundown on what was then known about the South Texas nuclear power plant power failure during the recent arctic cold snap which left much of the state without electricity in sub-freezing weather. More has been revealed, and to learn all about it, I spoke with Erica. This is what we know as of Saturday, February 20.


  • Defund Nuclear Weapons Producers:  Susi Snyder is primary coordinator of the Netherlands-based program, Don’t Bank on the Bomb (DBOTB). We regularly run Susi’s two-minute explanation of the international grassroots DBOTB program as a PSA for sanity. Here, she goes into much greater detail on how any of us – all of us – can work together to cut off the money going to nuclear weapons producers. Note that this interview is from May, 2018, so her references to the American presidential administration are to President Biden’s predecessor. But the website contains updated information as of February, 2021, and everything she discusses is still accurate. Also, this interview took place before the passage of the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons was ratified by more than 50 countries and took on force of law as of January 21, 2021. That means international law is on our side and strengthens our discussion with our financial institutions even more.

    List of 28 nuclear weapons-producing companies from Don’t Bank on the Bomb. 

    Here’s a link to a handy phone script you can crib from when you contact your financial institution.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

The New Yorker Magazine goes full-on pro-nuclear for a gazillion-word article that doesn’t even bother to put forth the opposing view.  My longest Numnutz rant in the history of Nuclear Hotseat because… hey, it’s really more awful than you can imagine.   

Rebuttal to New Yorker Magazine written by Dave Kraft of Nuclear Energy Information Service – downloadable PDF. 



  • March 1, World Future Day8th Annual World Future Day 24 hour round-the-world conversation via Zoom.  Follow the time zones around the world as youth, elders, policymakers, visionaries, artists, academics, future thinkers and ordinary people interested the future, will come together in a free-flowing dialogue designed to stimulate ideas and inspire hope.  Compelling watching!
  • March 1, inter-generational dialog organized by Youth Fusion, and the launch of the Youth Fusion Elders Initiative, which you can sign up to watch.
  • Happy Birthday, Peace Symbol – Here are its anti-nuclear roots: