Nuclear Hotseat #500!
Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons takes on Force of Law!
Lots to celebrate!


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Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons passes into international law as of Friday, January 22, 2021!

An important message (above) to those countries that currently hold nuclear weapons:
United States, Russia, China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel

SPECIAL FEATURE: Nuclear Hotseat at 500!  A look back featuring excerpts from:

NOTE:  This is not an all-inclusive rundown of episodes, just a saunter through some moments that have stuck with me from the first 9-1/2 years of Nuclear Hotseat production:

  • NH #1 – The first conference call that turned into a podcast that turned into… well, all the rest.
  • NH #7 – Jon Solomon of Eden Foods on safety precautions for foods imported from Japan in the immediate aftermath of Fukushima and FDA insufficiencies.
  • NH #74 – Marius Paul of the Denesuline First Nations people in northern Saskatchewan on his ancestral understanding of “the black stone” – uranium.
  • NH #91 – Dr. Helen Caldicott, 2012 Symposium on the Medical and Ecological Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.
  • NH #483 – Ian Zabarte, Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians with “A Message from the Most Bombed Nation on Earth.”
  • NH #423 – Church Rock uranium tailings dam break disaster – Terracita Keyanna of the Red Water Pond Road Community.  (Strong suggestion to listen to the entire SPECIAL on Church Rock.) 
  • NH #205 – Sister Megan Rice shortly after her release from two years in prison for participating in a non-violent peace protest of nuclear weapons at the Oak Ridge Y-12 “high security” nuclear facility in Tennessee.
  • NH #407 – Three Mile Island: My Trip Back.  Radiation dispersion after the meltdown with Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, and health impact of radiation exposure with Cindy Folkers of Beyond Nuclear.
  • NH #316 – Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons passage – Prof. Heidi Hutner, interviewed from the United Nations less than one hour after the passage of the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.
  • NH ##303 – Susi Snyder of Don’t Bank on the Bomb with an important lesson on how you can take an action, right now, that will remove funding from nuclear weapons producing companies. 


NOTE:  All episodes listed above are available on this website
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