Nuclear Numnutz of the Year – because we’re all stuck on the only planet that we have
and nuclear is the manifestation of hate and insanity… so why not laugh?


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This Week’s Feature SPECIAL:

NUCLEAR NUMNUTZ 2020 – Numnutz of the Week is Nuclear Hotseat’s most popular feature – always good for a laugh, a head-shake, or a deep sigh at some freshly revealed nuclear absurdity, or to provoke a sense of outrage at how a single industry has been allowed to play so loose and fast with all our futures.

2020 – a year that will live in infamy – was especially rich in nuclear numnutzery, from Japan’s attempted use of the Olympics as propaganda to get us to forget about Fukushima to US officials proclaiming nuclear weapons are responsible for “the betterment of society” to just basic stupidity all the way from politicians to tourists seeking selfies with Chernobyl. 

So come travel with us back in time for a year of highlights from some of the worst, most absurd, insane, short-sighted, or just jaw-droppingly stupid nuclear stories from 2020, culminating in NUMNUTZ OF THE YEAR 2020!  (Remember:  All nuclear decisions are made top-down, not grassroots-up!)

Highlights will include:

  • Cancelled treaties
  • Fukushima foodstuffs (mmm mmm GAK!)
  • Radioactive Waste Follies
  • Nuclear recycling – the kind you don’t really want to have.
  • The (Radioactively) Green New Deal
  • How/why Star Trek‘s George Takei terminally ticked me off! 
  • …and much much more! 

Come join us for our annual look back upon a year filled with… well, Nuclear Numnutz!