Dr. Caldicott on Fukushima: “Decommission or Cleaning Up? It’s Fantasy!”


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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are numnutz enough by themselves, but to hold events and house athletes in Fukushima Prefecture, less than 13 miles from the reactors?






    • Agreed. You may see a few “soft” stories in the coming 7-10 days, as we come up to the 3/11/11 6th anniversary. Nothing in MSM that will capture the horror of what happened and its impact on the world. But you can write or call your local media outfits and lobby for nuclear coverage. It might not help, but it couldn’t hurt. Thanks and keep listening!

  1. Dear Helen
    You really envision it all that hopeless? I haven’t yet.
    Imagine all the world powers become convinced to relinquish the bulk of all their collective military budgets and dedicate that sum to building something the size of the great Pyramid at Giza, or even larger, as a humongous sarcophagus over the whole Fukushima Nuclear Station? That is, Imagine while we still can, before some kind of collective brain rot (Cancer et al) gets to each and every one of us, we Imagine a way to manage and contain the ‘Immortal Artifacts’ found there.
    Imagine positively. Imagine ,again while we still can, a kind of rolling steward committed to management and containment of these, ‘Immortal Artifacts’. Realizing a global endeavor of this magnitude might also damn well fail some might also choose to keep some ‘Kool-Aid’ in their medicine cabinet
    Recalling the Jonestown colony’s massacre of the late 70’s, where the colnists were forced to swill the ‘Kool-Aid.;
    You do remember their founder and fearless ‘luminary,’ Jim Jones? Why when he decided it was time to go, he also decided and proclaimed that everyone in his colony would join him.
    Recall John Lennon’s song Imagine? After all Imagination is the real mother of all human artifacts IMAGINE that. dtim seitz

    • Too late to imagine, it has been 6 years. There is no technology to cover this. No technical prowess to withstand the high level of radiation. Your imagine world wants to cry about carbon dioxide and fossil fuels. Keep on denying this disaster and keep being positive you will need that mind set when everyone around you has turned severely mentally ill and physically very sick.

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  3. Great show Libbe! Thank you for all that you do. Will be sending another donation soon. Right now I feel the world has so many needs for donations we have had to start a rotating program of donation trying to spread out what we have to give over as large of an area as possible. You are rotating up next! I know that doesn’t help you right this minute but with our new regime in power we are spread thin. But within the next couple weeks will be sending you a healthy donation.

    • Thanks, Barb! Your support is always appreciated, and your words are as important as another form of donation. Be well – and you know you’ve got my gratitude!

  4. The Fukushima disaster is so radioactive any robot they make to go into the area or above the area stops working in seconds. A robot can’t even survive the radiation.
    “Second robot abandoned due to ‘extreme radiation’ in Fukushima nuclear plant”February 20, 2017
    530 sieverts per hour.
    The robot’s cameras shut down when it exceeded its maximum tolerance of 1000 sieverts.

  5. 300-to-400 TONS per day of mixed Radionuclides ce-137, st-90, pu239 has not been gRacious to Pacific Ocean food supply. No PHYTOREMEDIATIONS have started in earnest, speaking of “nearing” 6 full years!

  6. Lawrence Smith on

    I’m probably not the first one to think this, why don’t people get together a group that monitors radiation levels independent from “the gubberment”? Like beach readings out west, food readings (fish?), readings taken close to power plant regularly. Even from the air if a plane is available. But here’s the key – get them publicized. If not in major media(doubtful), then locally smaller media, or most likely the internet (bloggers,real news, Breitbart). Just a thought, I know there’s a lot more poison in the environment than we are being told. L.

    • Lawrence, people are attempting this, but it’s a huge challenge, no funding, hard to coordinate, and readings vary wildly as to accuracy. More info if you contact Mimi German at No Nukes NW on Facebook, Radcast, and/or Safecast. There are also radiation reporting sites on FB, but I have no way to know how accurate they are. Feel free to try to get something like this together.

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