Nuclear Hotseat #293: Hanford Radioactivity Dangers, Whistleblowers – Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge


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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Tom Carpenter heads up Hanford Challenge, a watchdog group that works with whistleblowers and lawmakers to help create a future for Hanford that secures human health and safety, advances accountability, and promotes a sustainable environmental legacy.  Here, he explains exactly how much of a challenge that really is.

The Missing Links:

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  • Click Here for Link to energy healer Barbara Robins‘ free Energy Healing MP3, “Emerging from Catastrophe,” meant to be used for those who need relief from Loss, Fear, Uncertainty, Exhaustion, Grief, and Adversity.  Kinda sounds like all of us these days…

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  1. Dear Libbe

    I have a friend who has spent the last 40 years working out at Hanford. He started as a warehouse worker and has worked up to being an expert in hazardous material. His job the last time I talked to him about 15 years ago was to find un-documented radioactive burial sites. He told me he found a set of railroad tracks the led to a tunnel. They sent robots into the tunnel to investigate. The radiation was so hot the robots were destroyed before getting close enough to see what was in the tunnel. When they had retrieved the robots there was holes in the metal skin on the robots caused by the radiation coming from whatever was in that tunnel. There is no documentation on the tunnel so they have no idea how long or deep it is. There best guess is this tunnel was constructed during World War 2 and when things were so hot they would put it on a train car and send it down the tunnel (the hole), never to be seen again. Out of sight and out of mind.

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